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Remember, swrcihearr, that your body is a temple erected by Mother Natitre wherein worshipers come to pray before the flhrinc of humanity. Seduction* illegilimatc binlis, infanricide, pt]q)o? »ivc, abortion, pr&siiiulion and racial poisoning, »cx vices aiid a1 normaltie-t, alt flourish under our chaolic code. and that they need not and mu5l rot worr- about it. All experience shows the early outlet toward fiex cheapens and weaken:« atfectional capacity." Anorhcr specialist for nervous diseases — Niicke — fonnd the inmates of insane asylums arc no!Can it be 5aid that our allittidc to the supremely Important questiori K relatrd to and revx^^■i^g aroiind the wx-rciaticnthip is sane, practical and humane? 1£ not instructed needless alarm is oflen excited^ sometime a^ much so as in young girls who are lefl iri ignorance about their monthly periods. unfavorably affcaed by con* tincncc» wliich in ihcir case is obljgatocy.LEE ALEXAMDb U l^i'UNt* My Dear Little Girl: Thi3 h your twelfth binhdny, and I wiih you irnny hnppy returns of the day. IS DL^gum of the Womb tnd In Appcndigev IS Oinry 2] : "For there some eunuchs which were born Irom their mother's wonib; and there are some eunuchs which ^vere mad^ eiimichs of men; and ihere be eunuchs which have made them- fcdvcs cnuudis for the kiiigdom of h&iven's sake.

About Google Book Search Google*s mission is lo organize the world's information and lo make it universally accessible and useful. 7D1 GLOSSARY 720 BIBLIOGRAPHY 739 INDEX 757 LIST OP ILLUSTRATIONS Lc* Al Kind«r Slonr, M D Ffontiiptf Cf 'SEX SEARCir UGn TS" will p Toiect yftu frwti ih* rock»— "rsnrw mnce o( ^If and Sc V..... Coirrrinra Opened _...,......-..,.....,..••,.,•.,,» 6 The Tcstidc Diridod From Abovo Down , 7 Hunuji Spermatozoa S Ncckol ihc i Jlaikler Proilat*.

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Wkh yoxmg womanhood comeii the first real usie of wliat life me^ins, Joys and sorrows wtll be yours and I vv AUt to arm you against tiic tbings you will hsavc lo trndurc- The jiam tjf d Uappoiniment will come to you many times; Icam to fortify yourself against it by thinking pure and happy thoughts, Remualfcr Uiat the men autl women who accomplish thin^ in this world today are those who laugh In the face of adveisiry and vow not to be beaten, Lcaiti to smile your-icif and soon othcr^^ will ismile with yuu, and huppiness will ccmc from the most nnpxpceted sources. )crc once lived in Naiarcth a Holy Uan who showed by His example the pouibi Uties of cleanly living and pure thinking. An English observer thought so mtch of his fcllowman that he noted the dates of the di Khargcs in Iiis own case for a total of 8 year? In three other individuals they occurred once a week; three times a mnnth, and once a month; and as the ^^hole four were engaged in intellectual work — were probably more rommnn than if occupied wifh manual labor. To iniroduce sensual and 5e:i(ua[ habits — and one of ihe worst of ihem is ^df-abuse — at aa early age, is to arrest growth, both physical and menial.

Be a carrier of joy, bubble over with happine»«, force jour mind to dwell on wbo1c«cmc things. Jufcr^ c:jni K)i lemuin long, for llm impure Ehlu^^ tn life come only whtn our minds atid bodies o JTer no resiitance to ! Read the life of Jesus, view Him as a man, and emulate Ills example as far as you are able- He faid, "Do itnto others a« ytm would have that they should do unto V ward» women. W'hai bays near the a^'c at which this natural funcrion is likely to begin, they should be informed about it. And whai is even more, it means to arrest the capacity for affection.

Do not assume thai jusl because we believe a book is in Ihe public domain For users in the United Slates, that the work is also in Ihe public domain for users in other countries.

Whether a book is still in copyrighl varies fivim country to counlr\'.

You arc almost ready to cuter your teens, & whole life is ahe^il of you. then several weeks may go by wilhoiit any at all, to be succeeded by another series close together. (13) Is beneficial at all ages and conserves the cner^ei, (]).

You will soun no Inngrr be a child, but a young lady. Or, they may lake place at fairly regular intervals. (14) Neither normal nor bciicticial, and as a rule leads to ma^lurbatioti. (15) Harmful after 20 and may c:au«e serious disturbances, t*t weighty.

The evil^ and the suffprlng are not necessary, inevitable or irremediable. GLOSSARY AND BIBLIOGRAPHY Wild Oats, The Price He Paid. The Women Who Walk, The Unpehworld, No One Had Told Her. To prevent loo- frequent discharges a fe^ simj^le precautions are useful: Irinking water, ginger-ale and other soft drinks late in ihe cvaving is not good, the blat3der becomes full and may press on the hltle sacs or storehou&ea of fluid under it Nor is il well to lie on the back while asleep, and to prevent this it may he necessary to tic a knot in a towr T and fasten the knot over the back; or rome bard object like a sm^ll ball may be used for the wumr purpose. He adds that continence can have but infrers on to forbid il to ^oitidt — ;il any rale teciali:tli, that men arc able to renounce sexual grati Hca- lion wilhcjtit ? But even if u were ficicntifieally proved that sexual abstinence is physiologically harmful, we mnsl never lose sight of the f^ct that these harmful results in no way ouibiilancc tho^^e ^vh Lch are the outcome of pre* conjugal Kxual indulgence — as wc learn from statistical inquiries into the prevalence of venefeal diseases.

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