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After doing so, they determined the gender of the bone fragments and recovered profiles of nuclear DNA, including that inherited exclusively through the paternal lines.

The data conclusively demonstrated that the remains found belonged to children of the Romanovs, 13-year-old Crown Prince Alexei and one of his older sisters.

Cutting edge science has finally put to rest a 90-year-old mystery that involved nobility, revolution, murder and the long-romanticized story of a child's escape from the firing squad.

Genomic analysis performed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in cooperation with Institutions of Russian Academy of Science (VIGG) and Academy of Medical Sciences (MHRC) have confirmed that human remains found in the Ural Mountains in July 2007 are indeed those of the two "missing" children of Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia, whose family was murdered in 1918 during the Bolshevik Revolution.

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"We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe Basically a lot of your favorite and not so favorite Vino el Amor couples go out on dates. :)) dy, I just read your excellent El Color recap and I see you did this as well. El Color must have been so exhausting, I don't know how you managed to create another exceptional recap for Vino, and yet you did. Too many favorites to list them all but "Juan's got a plan.

Prince Philip of England is also a distant relative on his mother's side.

Rogaev's team compared the mitochondrial DNA types extracted from the remains and also reviewed published information about the prince's DNA and, in addition, compared with mitochondrial DNA sequences from other distant maternal relatives of Queen Victoria in their work.

Independent studies done in the US and England and later by Rogaev compared extracted DNA samples to those from descendents of the royal family.

Two bodies, however, were missing, leaving some question as to the fate of two of the czar's children.

Their bodies were transported to a forest and were badly damaged in an attempt to eliminate evidence of this crime," said Rogaev, who used as little as possible of the bone fragments in order to preserve the remains for proper burial.

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