Wpf textbox validating

I've been reading through some of the other questions tagged with validation and similar.We have a Windows desktop application (WPF) that has many textboxes contained in a dialog that need to be validated, each one differently (needs to be a number, needs to be between 2 numbers, needs to be greater than zero, etc.).

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Is it possible for your application to validate data on entry (eg: keydown/up/press events)?

Then, if data fails validation, hide/disable the ' OK' button and make the invalid fields red (border and text colour) and show one or more warning(s).

By validate, I mean sometimes it must be a number (vs. You have not detailed the User Experience that would be present. " In the first comment I stated Validation uses border and tool tips. WPF validation can be set up to highlight/tooltip-explain bad fields when they lose focus; that way the user's complete input is available.

You have only included comment that WPF is nice for programmers (which is irrelevant to this UX question) and then given some implementation advice (which is off topic for this UX stack exchange site) and have included a link; but not stated what part of that link is relevant, or [email protected] W It is just a general link to Microsoft Validation. You can leave OK/Save disabled until all fields validate successfully, but a better approach (in cases where most/all fields start out blank and a user might forget to fill in one that's required) is to have the button enabled, but to validate all blank fields when it's clicked and only close if they pass, putting up the highlight on those that fail as normal.

We try to utilize as much of the Microsoft conventions and UX guidelines (a hefty document).

What is unique for us is that we are a CAD/CAM software that must validate the input, otherwise the rest of the processing and calculations will simply crash the application. Sometimes it must be a number with certain relationship to another input (It is a UX question, but this is not a UX answer.Microsoft WPF team did not put much effort in creating a reliable validation system.In this article we are going to implement a user control which will validate a Text Box based on custom rules.Silently correcting user input is not a best practice in most cases, as it tends to keep users from correctly entering what they wanted.And if you start with a reasonable default in the field, any changes should be assumed to be intentional, and so if invalid need correcting by the user.This way, you don't have the problem of displaying an irritating highlight on fields the user hasn't gotten to.


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