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Moreover, online dating Christians prefer not to include sex as a casual topic with their dates, which is a topic found on many secular dating sites."Christians give a tremendous amount of respect and importance to the act of sex.

For them, it is a sacred act that should only be discussed and done within the walls of marriage," according to the Online Dating website.

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However, function-wise, it relies more on your Facebook friends to make connections for you. The questions themselves aren’t as asinine as those in some other dating apps — ahem, Score — and give you a better sense of someone than 500 characters might.

Hinge also connects you through friends of friends of friends, and shows you not just the people you have in common, but also all the things you have in common. If you want to know more about someone, you can always just ask the friend you have in common, which is a nice human touch that’s absent from most dating apps.

Every day one in 5 people that attempt to join Christian Dating For are banned,” said Doron Kim, company president.“This is done via a combination of technology aimed at spotting scammers and our diligent moderators work 24/7 to screen new members and monitor their behavior.”“Members tell us all that our community is the best they have seen for avoiding scammers.”The online dating site also offers Christian chat rooms, message boards, Instant Messaging, Winks, Who’s Viewed Me, and the same features visitors would find on paid sites.

Linda Sangani, a single Christian living in Biloxi, Miss., says she met her fiancé on a Christian online dating service.“I thought it would be embarrassing or something to put myself out there like that and show the world I am looking for a partner,” Sangani told The Christian Post.“Online dating eliminates the wasted time that happens when you go out.

Listening to a song that the person likes while scrolling through their profile is also an added personal touch, as is being able to send someone a song.

It’s the updated, truncated version of making someone a mixed tape.

Christian Dating For (CDFF) is one of the fastest growing sites for Christian singles in the market today.

The site reached a milestone of 200,000 active members in August, which is nearly double the numbers joining other free secular sites.

Furthermore, because of the friends-of-friends connection, you’re less likely to run across inappropriate photos. You can only add photos of yourself from Facebook or Instagram, though, which is kind of limiting if you’re not very active on either.

Also, while the friends-of-friends concept has a lot of benefits, it’s also restricting.

Christian sites make people answer really specific questions and then you are only talking to people who are compatible with you and believe in Jesus Christ like you.


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