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Local post-punk four-piece Natural Velvet is heading out on tour with a bit of a twist.

To this day, I have a love of the feminine grotesque, of the villainess, the anti-diva—they’re so much more interesting than the sweet protagonists we are trained to love as children.

Our most recent record, 'Mirror To Make You' (Friends Records) deals with these same concepts, and therefore it made sense to us to record our version of this song.

When Sean was months old, Britney was spotted driving with him on her lap. Britney hit out and said, "I can't go anywhere without someone judging me. When TV presenter David said to her, "So, we've established now that you are in fact pregnant, is that right?

", Britney replied, "Yes, sir." Britney then joked, "Don't worry Dave, it's not yours." During Britney's 2nd pregnancy, her husband Kevin revealed her pregnancy cravings had moved away from dirt cravings to ice. When Britney was heavily pregnant for the 2nd time, she 'did a Demi Moore' and posed naked for the cover of magazine.

After a stint in a medical centre, Britney returned to good health and slowly regained more custody of her 2 sons.

Britney took her 2 young sons on her comeback tour in 2009.Here's Natural Velvet lead singer Corynne Osterman on her relationship with Spears and the band's decision to cover the track:"I’ve always been the biggest Britney Spears fan, and certainly the rest of the band is as well.I remember the promo Britney did with N’Sync for Mc Donald's in the '90s—and the only item I ever won at Chuck E Cheese’s (suburban memories, much?"Because I wasn't." A quick montage then spins through Spears' quickie marriage to dancer Kevin Federline and a worried-looking Britney chewing her nails while fretting over hitting "rock bottom." The unauthorized movie -- which did not have cooperation from Spears and her team -- also stars Clayton Chitty as Federline, Peter Benson as Spears' manager Larry Rudolph, Nathan Keyes as one-time boyfriend Justin Timberlake, Nicole Oliver as mother Lynne Spears and Markian Tarasiuk as choreographer Wade Robson.On the Grammys red carpet Sunday night, Katy Perry turned heads when she made a seemingly dark joke about mental health and possibly Britney Spears.Katy told Ryan Seacrest that her recent absence from the music scene is “called taking care of my mental health” before adding, “I haven’t shaved my head yet.” Katy Perry "that's called taking care of your mental health" "& I haven't shaved my head yet".

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