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Being a father came naturally to me, it really did. I mean, I was sort of a tough guy sometimes—all the boys got at least one good whupping and soap in the mouth.

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Just so you know, it's nothing serious and I'm day-to-day," Gronkowski said on Monday, via the Boston Herald.

"Super relieved (that the injury wasn't more serious).

Glenn is still in college, and the rest have all played sports professionally in turn: Gordie Jr. Chris played for the Dallas Cowboys, the Indianapolis Colts, and the Denver Broncos.

was drafted to play baseball for the Los Angeles Angels. Rob is currently a tight end for the New England Patriots.

The four-time Pro-Bowl tight end sustained the injury after he was tackled by Vonn Bell and Marcus Williams.

He got up slowly and walked gingerly off the field after the play.

In this excerpt from the new edition of photographer Bruce Weber’s annual cultural survey, Gordy [Gronkowski] used his own experiences–both positive and negative–as a guide for his sons’ individual athletic development.

By capitalizing on their natural sibling competitiveness and creating a carefully monitored training regimen in their impressive home gym, he helped each of his sons take charge of his own athletic destiny.

I’d get home and raise hell if they were bad that day.

One time, it got so out of hand that she dropped them off at my showroom. I coached each of my sons either in hockey or baseball, and they loved it.

But then he saw his younger brother Danny down in the basement getting bigger, stronger, and faster than him—then he wanted to train!

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