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People will try to be the loudest, or say the most obnoxious thing—and that’s what makes me uncomfortable on set.

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Winner: Nicole Fox Favorite Model: Erin Wagner Cycle Villain: Erin Wagner Judging panel changes: Tyra, J.

Alexander (Miss J) and Nigel, the holy trinity of judges Destination: Hawaii This was the "under 5'7" cycle, and everything about it came up a little short.

return maybe should have stayed home (hello, Alexandria).

The competition itself was a snooze – several of the girls just weren't as sharp as in their original cycles – and the ending turned into a train wreck when original winner Angelea Preston from Cycle 14 was disqualified under mysterious circumstances.

After the season ended, the weirdest thing was that I still really felt like a normal girl, but people just looked at me differently. The makeup artist’s used to have to hold my eye open so I couldn’t close it! The makeup artist will spend hours on one eye and by the end I’m tearing up, and I can’t stop, and they’re horrified!

It felt very weird to have all these people that suddenly wanted to talk to me or get to know me because of the show. Before the show I was always a wallflower in school and I was very shy, honestly. I mean, you think ‘how could you get in trouble for having watery eyes?

’ or ‘Oh wow, you’re not as weird as I thought you were! ’ But back then, I was the youngest girl on the show, I had never been away from my family, and going on a plane to L. I love looking amazing when I’m on a shoot, but otherwise I just wanna wear flip flops and you know, be messy!

I don’t know if I can speak for other models, but in my experience, everyone is always trying to make an impression or get noticed.

Erin was the "villain" but only in the sense that she complained the most and played a little dirty during one of the challenges.


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