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But I will say this about the whole plus-size thing: I understand, going into a store, I don't want to go to the straight, the skinny section, and have to sift through all the six and eights to find a fourteen. As the social media supermodels platform has grown, models do get voices now, but they also get to promote things that are really important to them. Lo, she doesn't have no cellulite, Marilyn Monroe wasn't around to talk about anything. Knowing that, because I post photos of my cellulite or because I have said, "Who cares about stretch marks? What, for you, has been the best part of having this platform? At my New York signing just two nights ago, I had a huge makeup stain on my shoulder because of the women that were crying in my arm. I never had a role model growing up that looked like me in the public eye. " that there's little girls that have that stuff and they can finally say that its okay to have it and looking at themselves in the mirror and not say, "I want to be like her," but, "I want to be the best me" — is the most rewarding thing. is a reality series about two up-and-coming Latina celebs who are close and loyal friends.

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That Ashley Graham is putting out a memoir may seem premature for some who have been sleeping on her career.

After all, for much of the world, her rise to supermodel status has seemed meteoric; to them, Graham went from toiling in "commercial" obscurity to covering , attending the Met Gala and starring in "America's Next Top Model" in just a few short years.

I think if more women did that, things would be a bit different.

Now you're on the cover of , you're at the Met Gala: What challenges do you still face?

The thing that I always find really interesting is the pressure on you to represent the plus-size community.100 percent. Look, there are issues within the plus-size community about the word plus-size. There's some who think it's a disgusting, disturbing word.

But I think that if we're going to let a word be completely divisive to our community, then we're not really standing up for the things that we really believe that can change within the fashion industry.They are driven to succeed, but they also come off as a bit ditzy and concerned with superficial matters.Contains references to sex, relationships, and infidelity.There are tales from her early days in New York City, filled with partying and spending all of her money; the hardships she faced as a plus-size model before being a plus-size model was a "trend;" and how she fought her way to supermodel status.But more than that, it's filled with valuable advice for young women who want to learn how to harness Graham's seemingly unshakable confidence.There is some discussion about racial and gender stereotypes and how they affect the women's careers.


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