When updating your flashpaq

Direct Plug In Power: This simple and safe plug and play tuner allows for increased horsepower and torque through 4 preloaded performance tunes, Economy, Towing, Daily Driving and Extreme Tuning.High Definition Digital Color 2.8" Screen: In addition to the new slim case design, the F5 Flashpaq upgraded to a 2.8" full-color high resolution display and a new easy to use graphic interface.

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These programmers offer multiple pre-built tuning options to increase hp (horse power) and torque by modifying the engines timing and air/fuel mixture among other things.

In gas engines, most vehicles will have a low octane option to increase hp and torque, as well as a high octane option that will give you even more “bang for your buck”.

Once connected to the diagnostic port of your car, the large LCD screen displays a variety of options that you can select and modify to bring the real power out of the Hemi.

Other great features include the internet update capability..

Features: I would not buy this programer if you want power an beter mpg cant feel any more power with it.

an my mpg went from 15 in town to 11 an 19 to 17 mpg on the highway in fuel save mode. t Ordered this product on the 3rd of july got it today on the 5th just hooked her up and can feel the power difference better then any other programmer ive had in my truck.

a Fe does not recommend use with any other tuners or modules.

Superchips Part # 2815 Flashpaq Tuner for 1996-Current GM Gas V8 Powered Pickup Trucks and SUVs.

Superchips: How They Work and Things to Consider It's no secret that modern vehicle engines are controlled by a computer or PCM (powertrain control module).

These PCM's come with a simple factory program that is made to work with the “typical driver”, and doesn’t allow you to modify it for different driving needs.

The success of the tuner is due to its' quality, innovation and performance results.

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