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The house is so beautifully designed and grounded to its environment, people often comment that it looks like it has been there for decades.The lovely landscape architecture certainly contributes to this effect - landscape architect was Alec Michaelides from Land Plus.It is stucco, which is very commonly found on French style houses in Europe (and America). It is my favorite material for the exterior of a house, and it is definitely a favorite in Atlanta.

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When does willow start dating oz

(Photo Credit: Rodolfo Castro) does not note why the owners or the architect chose painted brick, I think it is beautiful and charming and does lend a sense of age to the home.

Image via Beautiful Homes, photography by Michael Partenio.

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I included the house on my post on green doors, and was delighted when an architect who had apprenticed to Mr.

Town emailed me and said that he had worked on this home.In some ways, what I like seems to combine aspects of both French design with perhaps a little English influence. However, what struck me even more was Stefan’s description: the house (designed by Paul Cret, a French architect), was built between a Louis XV house and a Georgian style house.The house in this picture was meant to compliment the French house on one side, but make an easy transition to the Georgian house on the other side. I mean, give me some "eye of the beholder" jokes, you know? I love the symmetry and order of a classic Georgian house.This house still speaks to me…the windows, chimneys, palladian windows – all elements that I find to be quite beautiful. Working on a home from scratch, somehow I knew that I wanted to go more French in style.


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