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Since the charge cards don't carry a set line of credit (and won't for legal and marketing reasons) this cannot be avoided if you choose to revolve.

Credit reporting is negatively impacted most by three things.

1-Recent credit inquiries, which is any time a lender requests a credit report.

The credit cards (Optima and Blue and lots of other co-branded cards) are just like any Visa or MC.

1- Amex doesn't report pay history negatively unless you exceed 60 days delinquent, or 90 days of billing.

As long as you never do this, pay history won't impede loans.

But if you carry a wallet full of other credit cards that carry balances above 50% of the LOC, or have other large loans out, lenders can be scared off by the no limit implications and the appearance of over utilizing your other credit.

The problem that arises here is that, if you move before the statute of limitations expires, the SOL is "tolled" in your original state of residence.

That means that, as soon as the collection agency discovers that you are no longer living there, the clock on the statute of limitations just stops ticking.

That would mean you're safe no matter which state you move to.

If the addresses the collection agency was sending letters to were in Florida and you didn't disclose your new address until after July 2014, you should be safe from a lawsuit.

If, however, the collection agency is aware of the fact that you moved, they can generally opt to go by the SOL in your current state.

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