Updating printer

If your Star TSP100 printers periodically drop their connection to your tablets, first confirm that your network is performing normally.

If you don’t have a network problem, Star recommends updating your printer firmware.

Problem: Invalid firmware Meaning: Every time the software connects to the printer, it checks to make sure the firmware has not become corrupted, by asking the bootloader to return the CRC for the firmware and then checking it with a known value.

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Because of large changes in either the firmware’s protocol, the current software is not able to use the older firmware.

Troubleshooting steps: The user must update his/her firmware.

If you are given the choice in between different model numbers, refer to the PCC number printed on the label on the bottom of the printer.

A PCC number of R2D-1234656-999 corresponds to a Rx D model printers, for example.

Downloading Cura on your computer does not change the firmware that is uploaded on your printer.

For Ultimaker 2 series and Ultimaker Original series printers, use the most recent version of Cura to install the updated firmware on your printer.

Here’s a link to the necessary update files with written instructions are below.

You can also call Star directly at 800-782-7636 and they can manage the update for you.

Causes: This can happen if because of power loss or a USB disconnect that occurred during a firmware update.

A bad USB connection or a problematic USB cable being used during a firmware update can also cause this problem.

Periodically, you'll want to update Cura and your firmware. We recommend removing filament from your printer prior to installing a firmware update on your printer; also, it's helpful to do a factory reset after updating to make sure all aspects of the firmware update have taken effect.


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