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I think, I hope, that this will help me embrace the “real thing” if it ever comes along.At the risk of sounding arrogant, for the past five years there has been no shortage of women in my life. Interested in blogging for a future edition of TED Weekends? To learn more about how Joshua Pompey can change your online dating life, including providing a free profile evaluation, men click here now, and women click here. Join the discussion by posting a comment below or tweeting #TEDWeekends.

dating foreign service panasonic fan - True confessions of an online dating addict

), in shape, have an interesting job, have interesting hobbies and tons of friends. I had a serious live-in boyfriend for several years in my early twenties, and so, while my single friends were out meeting men in bars and partying, I was picking out paint chips in Home Depot and installing new light fixtures in the house.

After a year, a nice guy at a State Park helped me load my kayak onto my car and asked me out.

But serious relationship material, these men were not. Meeting new people on the Internet has enriched my life.

I have learned new and interesting things from most of the guys I have been out with. Because I have been able to date so many diverse men, I have learned more about myself and what I want from my life and my relationships.

Most of the men I have met in person after chatting on the internet have been nice, interesting, attractive, or some combination of all three.

I’ve dated tall guys, short guys, round guys, skinny guys, a juice-maker, an accountant, a psychologist, a developer, a guy who runs his truck with vegetable oil from the Chinese place across from his house, sci-fi fans, Christians, Jews, atheists, Ph Ds, and pot-smokers. But perhaps worst of all are the women I do click with. Sometimes I even convince myself that I've finally changed and found a woman that I will give up my serial dating lifestyle for. I'm done with the compulsion to check my email ten times a day. The excitement of kissing someone new for the first time. Online dating just makes it all to easy to be reckless in ways that I never would be with a woman I met through friends, work, or family.“Shopping for boys” becomes a game and something fun to do on a boring Wednesday night.My friends and co-workers have been fascinated by the steady (if slow) stream of new guys I go out with.I’m a sucker for guys who are willing to carry things, so I said yes and we dated for a couple of months.


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  4. Over a year after she moved out, she found out he was dating someone (me).

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