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@Princess KLS1983 everyone is certainly entitled to their preference, that's fine. Not all cis gendered people have such strict preferences. I'm not exactly certain of what you're asking in this post, but I will address your last point, because I think it should hopefully encompass all of what you were talking about.But you can't tell a whole population of people who they're allowed to date. While many trans folks do feel more comfortable dating bi/pan/polysexual folks, that can be quite the unnecessarily narrow dating pool.

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Also, it's worth noting that while I used to id as a cis girl, I don't anymore, I'm a nb girl.

GSAs are student clubs that work to improve school climate for all students, and promote acceptance, tolerance, and support. Projects include: Honolulu Pride™, The LGBT Center – Waikiki, Youth LGBT Education, the development of a home for homeless youth, through the support of Youth Outreach, and Big Island Pride.

Rather, if you're interested with women, and you go on a date with a person that you assume to be a cis woman, and finding out that she's trans causes you to leave the date you were otherwise enjoying, @reialareina Okay I still don't think turning down a date for being trans is transphobic.

I really think all gender preferences and sexual orientations should be respected.

If a gay man doesn't want to have a relationship with a trans man or if a straight man doesn't want to have relationships with trans women.

I don't think defining yourself as straight or gay should mean that people automatically call you transphobic for preferring cisgender people. And no, a lot of people now identify as bi, pan, or poly that's not a narrow dating pool.

I mean we have those labels and definitions for a reason.

So would it offend you if I made a suggestion not to go after straight,cisgender men Woman to woman and even for FTM, consider not going after straight, cisgender women.

As a mostly straight woman, who is looking for a man, I don't want anymore competition than I already have. Standpoint: I'm ace spectrum, maybe a cis girl maybe agender, and idk my romantic orientation.


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