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I have learned that understanding just a few key principles can help anyone clear their clutter. Decluttering does not have to be a mad frenzy that disrupts your entire household.

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I am happy to say I not only completed my resolution successfully but it was so simple and satisfying that I continued decluttering in my slow and steady pace (an average of five items per week) for an additional two years!

Over these last three years of decluttering, I have removed over a thousand things from our home.

Decide to sacrifice less of your precious life on the pursuit and ownership of stuff.

These ten principles have kept me resolute for the past three years.

I had no idea when I began this mission how much stuff I would relinquish over the next three years.

What I originally thought was going to be an arduous task quickly became a way of life… Fortunately, we were able to accomplish the task…but mostly, because I had no other choice.Shortly after the move, a new stage of life surfaced. And to prepare for our new life together, I set a personal goal to again reduce our much so, we have just put a deposit on a beautiful, even smaller, apartment with fabulous views of our coastal city, a swimming pool, and gym all within walking distance of everything we want. Educational articles are an excellent resource for parents who are interested in learning about the best parenting practices from experts in the field.Even though I had never been one to take on resolutions, I found great motivation in beating those narrow odds…


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