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In determining ground rules, she suggests using a child’s interest in dating as an opportunity “to instill values they would like their children to hold.” “In general, helping children to feel positive about themselves and their own value as well as having respect for others will help to lay a good foundation for more positive dating relationships down the road,” she said.

Therefore it is not directly addressed in scripture.

However, the fact that the Bible does not speak to a modern sociological change does not mean it excludes any clear and appropriate instruction in this area.

“If you overreact or your teen sees you as overprotective, they may feel that they have to keep things from you,” she said.

“Parents have to find a balance between keeping communication open and tempering their own reactions.” Beaudry agrees and acknowledged the difficulty parents face when trying to balance their child’s safety and protection with trust and privacy issues.

The biggest issue in modern dating is the lack of parental oversight, not the act of dating itself.

Christian parents must teach, articulate, and apply these truths of scripture as they shepherd their teenagers to think and act biblically when it comes to finding a spouse.

Many of them aren’t even sure they’re in an unhealthy relationship.

To your teen, emotional abuse can masquerade as love. •Sudden changes in appearance, diet or sleeping habits •A drop in grades or less participation in outside or school activities •Avoiding friends or family •Becoming secretive or withdrawn •Making excuses for the dating partner •Constantly checking cell phone or email.

Many of these decisions are a parent’s judgment call. Therefore, we designed this document to be a resource for the kinds of questions you should be asking and most importantly to encourage you to effectively communicate the answers to your teenager. “Meet the Parents: Questions to Ask and Guidelines to Give Your Daughter’s -Potential Boyfriend.” Online: the Parents Guidelines for Dating Our -De Young, Kevin.

Here is a list of questions we think you should prayerfully consider and discuss as parents and in turn communicate with your teenager.

Regardless of your child’s age, Keyworth said clear ground rules should be set, including time spent on the phone, texting, or on Facebook.

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