Speed dating how to dress david dating tips

Post the event, the event companies would send you an email with your matches. Once you received your list of matches, contact them and suggest a meet up for a drink or dessert.

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If you get to the event early, that will help you get comfortable with the environment.

Also, if you potential partner sees you smiling and interacting, that will definitely make you more attractive than someone standing alone in a corner. Remember, men or women will start looking at you from the moment you walk in the door. A lot of times, the speed daters are so nervous that they feel that a little bit of alcohol would help. If you are high during the event, chances are you would be on the absolute losing side in this.

Wait for the date to be over and then scribble down your feedback before you move to the next table. Your speed dater could very well be your next date or your life partner. Staying real would help them know you the way you come.

If its the fake personality that they start liking, chances are when they see the real you, they will walk away.

That just sends a message that you have something more important on that device than the person sitting in front of you.

If you cannot avoid your phone for 5 mins when sitting across someone, they would consider it rude as well as your behavioural trait.Women can wear nice dress and pair with comfortable footwear. With that logic, warming up before the speed dating event would be beneficial for you.If you are comfortable with your outfit and feel good about how you look, that would naturally give you more confidence. Arrive at the dating venue ahead of time and socialize with people around.If you liked someone and get the same vibes, stay back and chat after the event. Go for a drink and try to establish a stronger connection that could essentially turn out to be your first date. We have cultivated a habit of looking at it every few minutes.The more your share and understand each other, the better it is for your relationship. Avoid playing or looking at your phone every now and then. The challenge speed daters face is failing to leave a lasting impression and differentiating themselves from the hundreds of other people in the speed dating event.


  1. This may seem harsh, but online dating can be a very shallow world.

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