South wife sexy chat

She liked it pretty straight, - me on top, her on top, and doggie.

But I also taught her how to suck me, and accept my cum in her mouth, and to relax when I licked her pussy.

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I always imagined her sex drive as being mainly a "wifely duty" although she obviously wasn't faking it, but watching this huge vibrating dildo fuck her, showed me another side of her.

She liked sexual pleasure, even if it wasn't coming from me.

She's totally loyal, and although a total babe she's not flirty - or at least not when I'm around?

Even though we've been married for 12 years and had 2 kids, I've never fantasised about anybody else.

When people on here describe their wives, I'm sure that most are describing a fantasy.

I don't have to do that, as my wife is my fantasy, and the fantasy of most males.

Recently I bought her a selection of lingerie from China.

Crotchless mesh body suits, and bodysuits with cutouts where the breasts and ass cheeks are.

When we met she told me she was a virgin, and although I didn't necessarily believe it, it seemed possible in a strong Catholic culture.


  1. Stars like Blake Shelton, Jana Kramer and Darius Rucker read negative comments about themselves, but took it all in good fun.

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