Sex gerls sans email

"How disgusting, utterly dreadful," says David Martyn.

"There should be heavy human trafficking behind it.

Now he’s a consultant and author, having written “The Essential Abolitionist: What You Need To Know About Human Trafficking & Modern Slavery.” His talk was an eye-opener.

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It smells like a crime, not a 'sex paradise', and should be investigated," writes Victoria Gubko.

"I believe the shock is likely more the age range of the male actors used in the video to portray what I imagine would be more like creepy old dudes similar to Trump or Hefner types on this holiday," adds Edward Wall.

Rico added, “This means that one person directly benefits from exerting power and control over another.” Though the victim might have an emotional investment in the relationship, the trafficker sees the victim simply as a financial investment.

Unfortunately, the amount of money involved can be astronomical.

John Vanek was the featured speaker at a recent presentation on human trafficking in Stanislaus County.

Before he retired from the San Jose Police Department, Vanek ran a human trafficking task force.

Vanek believes a victim-centered approach is vital in assisting trafficking victims.

“In a victim-centered approach, meeting the victim’s needs, wants, and desires takes precedence; not the prosecution of the offender,” wrote Vanek in an email.

An ad for a Colombian holiday company offering unlimited access to prostitutes and allowing drug use is being labelled "disgusting" and "utterly dreadful".

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