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The Genoa City sex ring will be exposed in coming weeks as will her unintentional and unknowing involvement.

To make thing worse, it will be her Newman Enterprises nemesis Scott Grainger (Daniel Hall) that reveals her role to Victor Newman (Eric Braeden).

That’s the same woman that trapped Crystal (Morgan Obenreder), Tessa Porter’s (Cait Fairbanks) sister, and forced her to sell her body.

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The Rigby Police Department said they didn't become aware of the incident until last week.

While Salt Lake Police Department has been 'progressive' and helpful, Wubbels said, others were not.

Victor will be furious, Abby is crushed, and Scott will be in a position to tell her “told you so” about jumping in too quickly with bad boy Zack (Ryan Ashton).

The latest spoilers hint that it will be Scott and not the GCPD that cracks the case.

University of Utah cops and hospital security witnessed her arrest and did nothing to help - and she said their bosses were not willing to discuss why that was a problem.'So [the video] was a little bit of a trigger to say, "All right this is what you need to see if you're not willing to see it then I'll show it to you,"' she said.

But one silver lining is that masses of people who saw the video were outraged by the apparent misuse of power, and contacted Wubbels to support her.'At first, it was maybe - overwhelming is an understatement, but just the gratitude I have for the support by my colleagues, nurses around the country, around the world and just healthcare providers in general is just amazing,' she said.

'Officer Gray was flown to the University of Utah’s burn unit where he is still under their watchful, professional, and competent care,' the department wrote on Facebook.

'Within the first hours of Officer Gray being admitted into the burn unit, an incident occurred between hospital staff and an officer from an agency in Utah who was assisting with the investigation.

She was let go without charge after 20 minutes, but the incident left her shaken.


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