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It is said to be the ghost of a student who died at the school.When you go out there after the gates are locked kids have said that when you get on the pier that you can see ores and feel cold spots.

After Hurricane Harvey left its mark on the Houston area, CBS set up a fund to help many of our own students who were affected.

One of our faithful donors provided a matching fund of up to $50,000.

Justice for Buddy: Suzanne Basso (left), 59, was put to death Wednesday night in relation to the 1998 torture slaying of Louis 'Buddy' Musso (right), a 59-year-old mentally impaired man with the intellect of a 7-year-old, near Houston Texas, which executes the most death row convicts out of any state, has stopped giving last meal requests so Basso had the same dinner as all the other inmates: baked chicken, fish, boiled eggs, carrots, green beans, and sliced bread. At the competency hearing, a haggard-looking Basso sporting a cropped haircut testified from a hospital bed wheeled into a Houston courtroom and talked about a snake smuggled into a prison hospital in an attempt to kill her.

Leading up to the execution, Basso's lawyer argued that the 59-year-old woman was not mentally competent enough to face the death penalty because she suffers from delusions, and that the state statute governing competency was unconstitutionally flawed. At the hearing, she acknowledged representations about her background — that she was a triplet, worked in the New York governor's office, had a relationship with Nelson Rockefeller — were untrue.

He was working in the office in the early morning hours; the next day it was discovered that no men were employed at this motel, yet he had a set of keys and checked in customers.

There were no other employees at the establishment at the time.

Please know that your donation has helped a CBS student in need.

It’s always wonderful to see brothers and sisters in Christ taking care of each other!

back many years ago there was a wreck on a rail road track and it killed children......late at night if you kill your vehicle and park on the track and put baby powder on the bumper of your car you will see hand prints from the children trying to push you across the tracks.

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