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Most TV providers offer a simple way to retrieve or reset your password. For any technical issues for Full Episodes on or, please contact our technical support team at ) Q. What do the ratings codes (e.g., TV-14-DL) on the Schedule mean? They indicate the age-appropriateness and type of content presented in a program.

Is there USA NOW content available without a Pay TV subscription? You can continue to visit USA Network for show clips, highlights and a limited number of full episodes without a current TV subscription. If you’re watching on desktop or laptop browsers, or via phone or tablet apps, select your TV provider then enter the username and password for your TV account. If you haven’t previously registered an account with your TV provider, you’ll need to do so with a valid email address. If you’re not able to resolve the issue, contact your TV provider.

Simply visit, enter your Xbox One code, and select your TV provider. If you already have a username and password from your TV provider, you don’t need to create a new account; just sign in with those credentials. Audience age codes: All children (Y), children 7 (Y7), children 7 with fantasy violence (Y7-FV), all ages (G), parental guidance suggested (PG), unsuitable for children under 14 (14), unsuitable for children under 17 (MA). What are the system requirements to access USA NOW on my desktop? It’s currently supported on the following Operating Systems: Q. Make sure you have updated and installed the latest version of Q. To switch back to English, press the SAP button on your remote control, or find the SAP/Language option in your cable/satellite receiver's menu.

But if you try to watch a Live stream in a Flash-free copy of Apple’s Safari or Mozilla Firefox, you won’t see that video.

Instead you’ll get this vague message: “Flash Unavailable.

Flash has racked up a sorry record of insecurity -- it’s suffered from hundreds of vulnerabilities, including four patched just this year, that have been exploited by malware authors to spread data-hijacking ransomware and lesser annoyances.

Flash also has a history of impairing performance and battery life, two of the reasons Steve Jobs publicly blackballed it from i OS.(Google’s Chrome and Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Edge each include a locked-down version of Flash. Why does Facebook Live requires Flash in my desktop browser?I don’t need Flash for any other video at the site. You wouldn’t know about this software requirement from Facebook’s presentation of Live -- its Android and i OS mobile apps don’t warn about it before you start streaming live video, nor do its desktop-video help and live-video help pages.People like, comment, and share more on videos after the switch, and users have been reporting fewer bugs.”And this revived Flash requirement doesn’t square with Facebook’s recent push to promote live video streaming: If the social network is this serious about getting people to share special moments this way, why make Live harder to watch than the rest of its videos?In one way, this is worse than Facebook’s old Flash fixation. It’s currently available from desktop or laptop browsers. This service is only available to customers of participating U.

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