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Where the story goes depends on what you do or say.

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But there will be increasing concern about the seductive nature of these unreal, alternate worlds.

There may be an underclass of addicts who spend every waking moment in them.

There are some decisions we simply should not allow machines to make."You will walk into a room and say "lights on" and "who won the football?

" and one of the many AI devices in your house will recognise your voice and understand you well enough to know which football code you follow.

But should we hand over decisions like hiring and especially firing to a computer?

"We will have to learn when to say to computers: 'Sorry, I can't let you do that.' It's not enough for a machine to do a task better than a human.

Your future version of a smartphone or fitness watch will regularly take selfies to identify melanomas and eye disease.

It will record your voice for signs of a cold, dementia or a stroke. It will also be a trillion-dollar global business."Our personal AI physician will have our life history, it will know far more about medicine than any single doctor, and it will stay on top of all the emerging medical literature," Professor Walsh said.

One of the challenges will be that many advances in AI used to defend systems will be quickly turned around to attack systems."The supposed hacking by Russians in order to influence the 2016 US presidential election demonstrates the impact that such cyber attacks can have," Professor Walsh said."Banks [and other companies and governments] will have no choice but to invest more and more in sophisticated AI systems to defend themselves from attack."Robots will have superior ball skills, including unfailing accuracy in passes and penalties.

They will know precisely where all players are at all times and will know how to interpret that information because their AI system learned strategic play from watching every World Cup match ever recorded. Even fans of the robots will call for the humans to be given a break. But AI will change football and most other games with managers and players using AI to train and play better.

Celebrities will use bots to create social media; many of us will similarly use them to manage our diaries.


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