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There’s a common misconception that Jamaica is a dangerous travel destination, only safe if sticking to tourist areas, all-inclusive resorts and their organized tours.

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Simone, a single mother shot for being a lesbian, faces the heartbreaking choice of hiding with her daughter in Jamaica in constant fear for their lives or escaping alone to seek safety and asylum abroad.

Maurice, one of Jamaica’s leading human-rights activists, challenges his country’s anti-sodomy law, only to receive a flood of death threats that force him to flee to Canada.

If you’d like to interview the director or Maurice, please let me know.

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Visiting women may react to the blunt way Jamaicans have of going about what they want (in general, tiptoeing is not a Jamaican trait – something I came to love).

But you just need to respond the same way– simply be respectful, firm and stand your ground (and if you’re also being as smart mouthed as the Jamaicans, you’ll end up sharing some laughs).It is true, Jamaica suffers from criminality and has one of the highest murder rates in the world – an unfortunate consequence of poverty, gangs, drugs and politics.Visitors are occasionally the victims of crime, mostly pick pocketing, theft and robbery, but cases of eg. Still, the majority of crimes take place between Jamaicans.Then if I didn’t feel safe, I would go all in as a real tourist and spend the rest of my time at a resort. The places where I felt the most comfortable and enjoyed myself the most was in the ‘real’ Jamaica, far from the tourist crowds.And never was I in a situation where I felt threatened or unsafe.“We encourage viewers to take a deeper look at homophobia, including some of the long-term impacts of it on individuals and on the Jamaican society at large, including on the battle against the HIV pandemic.” The film was made possible by a grant from The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting“Micah has brought an extraordinary human touch to the issue of anti-gay sentiment and attacks in Jamaica by introducing audiences to two brave souls deeply affected by it,” notes NBPC executive director Leslie Fields-Cruz. The documentary premieres on Monday, February 29, 2015at 8 pm ET/10 pm PT and will be available at for a month.


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