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But I can ask My Kai to list all my coffee-shop transactions, and then, just from the prices listed, I can infer.Kai doesn't always answe my questions with complete precision. I'm now thinking I should cut back on all the coffee shop espresso. But the bigger question is whether this bot is something people will use on a regular basis—not just for a day.

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But if a would-be buyer signals an intent to purchase sex, the bot pivots sharply into a stern message.“Buying sex from anyone is illegal and can cause serious long term harm to the victim, as well as further the cycle of human trafficking,” goes one such message.

“Details of this incident will be reviewed further and you may be contacted by law enforcement for questioning.” The warning can vary based on the conversation, if, for example, a potential buyer expresses an interest in someone underage.

If you've used Siri—or any other smartphone digital assistant—you know this. I'm hardly unfamiliar with the latest in AI and other smartphone tech, but as I linked an independent, ostensibly intelligent service to my bank account, I couldn't help but question the decision. For the most part, My Kai just reads bank balances and statements. With a startup—or indeed any company—all this gives you pause. So I installed My Kai, linking it to my Facebook Messenger app, and I started chatting. The thing to realize about today's chatbots is that they can be reasonably effective if they've honed to a particular task—and that they break down if the scope gets to wide.

And though people use messaging apps to interact with Internet services in Asia—particularly China—the rest of the world isn't necessarily geared towards this kind of thing. My Kai is remarkably adept at understanding what I'm asking—and that's largely because it's focused solely on banking. Piyush Gupta, the CEO of DBS, a big Singapore bank that offers My Kai through its own app, says that bot works far better than other natural-language services the bank has tried—services originally designed for a much broader set of applications.

The National Human Trafficking Hotline received more than 5,000 reports of sex trafficking in 2016, but most cases are believed to go unreported.

Project Intercept’s lead partner, Seattle Against Slavery, is working with counterparts in 21 other U. cities, including Boston and Houston, to deploy the bot more widely.

But that's China, where the Internet evolved in very different ways.

We Americans are already wedded to , and it's unclear whether a messaging service could really save us that much time and energy—or, even if could, whether we would make the transition. DBS, now the largest bank in Southeast Asia, is also working to embed its chat-happy banking app in outside messaging services like Whats App and We Chat, and Gupta sees this as the future. "Banking is going to be embedded in other things you want to do with your life," he says. My Kai doesn't seem useful enough to replace my banking app.

People in Asia are already using My Kai, and beginning today, you can too. And countless others are pushing the same notion, including startups like Kasisto and the New York-based Go Butler.

Because it's focused on banking—and banking alone—it works pretty well. The idea is that we'll soon use messaging apps—like Messenger, Slack, Telegram, and Skype—to communicate not only with our friends and family, but with all sorts of Internet services.

Or at least an approach that's more pragmatic for the here and now.


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