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Banned under Isabel Perón's government (1974-1975) and Jorge Rafael Videla's regime during Argentina's last-civil military dictatorship (1976-1983).The historical film is about the suppression of a peasants' revolt, known as "Tragic Patagonia".I asked her if I could post her story on my Instagram and people will advise her.

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For one woman, her fiance was concerning her with his overly-familiar way of referring to a family friend - calling her 'baby' and 'love' - but when she approached him about it he said that 'she's just like a sister to him' and that 'it's no big deal'.

One woman offered: 'As long as you are in a relationship with someone then it is your duty to respect how they feel,relationship is a two way thing,if you are not happy with it then he should respect how you feel and stop irrespective of whatever reason he has.'Another post saw a wife claiming that her sister-in-law was upsetting her by commenting on the fact she was approaching 30 and hadn't yet had children, yet when she complained to her husband he would reply that his sister was 'full of jokes and she meant no harm'.

If something new comes out, we want to use it.' For more complicated issues, Tahir also enlists the help of lawyers, psychiatrists and journalists to help provide the best advice - and also encourages forwarding cases of concern to proper authorities.'I think people should talk about their problems,' she said.

'Let’s say for instance, this lady whose husband has not been sleeping with her.

While it is common for films to be edited to fall into certain rating classifications, this list includes only films that have been explicitly prohibited from public screening.

Pulled from distribution in Lebanon before premiere on account of that film's lead star Gal Gadot's service in the Israeli Army, leading to a campaign against her and in accordance with a decades-old law that boycotts Israeli products and bars Lebanese citizens from traveling to Israel or having contacts with Israelis. However, that film will be viewed online and available on DVD instead.

No official reason for the censorship was given, but unofficial sources within China have indicated that the character offered a negative and stereotypical portrayal of the Chinese people.

Banned under the Communist regime from 1966 to 1968 because the story is an allegory of totalitarian regimes.

Banned because the Egyptian Muslim lead (Omar Sharif) is portrayed in a romantic storyline with Jewish actress Barbra Streisand.

Streisand's political support for Israel at the height of military tensions between Egypt and Israel was also a factor.

Banned by the East-German Communist government because of its theme where a young Nazi lives in fear of the approaching Russian army.


  1. There are many ways to help a relationship grow, but nothing beats communication, especially in a new relationship.

  2. Therefore, the closest you can get to using Tinder without Facebook is to create a new (fake) Facebook account specifically for Tinder.

  3. Sailormoon, Catwoman, Black Widow, Ultraviolet – yes, girls also want to be world savers!

  4. When using chromatic colors like green and blue, the colors were precisely equated in saturation and brightness levels, explained Niesta.

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