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1969 FORD STATION WAOON - \Ki Chovrolfll, 1963 Chovy.

:0R SALE - 19r3 Dodgo Van ^utilomljod, carpol Ihrauglioul.

2 boths, oervlco Island ; with chopping block, shako roof.

"GHIJGK PERKINS REALTY 733-0480 •fjyymn it«m B« rro t rt rrt Tro i n i o t e' Four bedrc formal dining r!!

.' ACE HANSEN CHEVROtg 'll't Fun To Drive A '76 Chevy— An All Amer/fon Ca ZK t6S4 flfup tokos Blvd.

JANUARY 10, 1977 It's A Pleasure Doing Builnesi Al .

72nd Year ■ Idaho's Largest Evening i Sewspaper r Winfolls. Mondoyi Docemb Br 13, 1976 Carter picks due ATLANTA (UPlt - Presidcnt-ciccf Jimmy Carter said today he will hold o news conlerencc ' Tuesday at which he Is cxpcclcd to announce at Cabinet nominees. session for the Park Subcommlllc*; ol iiil- Scnalc Interior and Insular Affairs Committee. acres of valuable lamdand" is more important ' than a visitors' site to study fossils, according lo Harry Le Moynerpresldcn Lof Jfahoo Ji Iutua Lnnd.

''Nays\ dominate hearing By BILL LAZARUS ' Tlmea-News writer HAGERMAN - Nearby farmers today op- posed creation of o national monument at the Hflgcrman Valley fossil in early testimony beds before n Senate subcommittee hearing hero. Tuana Mutual Irrigation companies which — ;flperatenearth6proposed»l'- KTOLCIICUI HIP pi i m t- — . Ho s Ald there Is little to attract the public lo the Eilc and thai ( Party represehta Uy^S'^^ii De; |ub1. have, at, most, •, established a number of In- stances in whlc^ state officials .

Equipped With an automatic transmission, power steering, power brdktl, AM radio, and stool bolted rodlol liroi.

Fo Qiuroi include: 66 American itfod* six c^^llfflfor- engine, 3 spood itondord Tronsmission, front disc brok BS, wwol.' covers, andmuch, much more. Ttto preciilotv tized-cor with a touch of clossl Boouliful soft Continen^or credrti' fl AIsh Wit H d boauilful interior on'd wall lo wall carpoting.

About HO persons attended Ihc hearing before _ : Sen. aoiirit-,lii*forft' .'Ohlo^ Secretary of Stale Ted W. Brown' convened Carter's cfietort in the Ohio House of . ■ "Judge Joseph Kinncary, who last Thursday denied a preliminary injunction requested by the plainllfls lo void the election, said In a nine-page Opinion that the plaintiffs had failed to show .

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