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He has a tall girlfriend named Nicole, but he indicates he has difficulty remaining faithful to her, Flora of Russian ethnicity, won several national marketing competitions while attending the Art Institute of Boston.

During the season, she carries on an affair with a man named Louis, without the knowledge of her boyfriend, Mitchell.

is an openly gay student at Rutgers University, where he has been editor of the student paper for two years.

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Mike, the all-American guy, has experience managing a restaurant. On the phone, Melissa describes her new roommates as “weird.”This season, the roommates will be given the opportunity to start a business.

The roommates meet Landon, their business advisor, and discuss possible ideas for their business venture.

Flora uses her sex appeal to get a bartending job and a date with her employer, Louis.

Meanwhile, Flora has a boyfriend back home named Mitchell.

Cynthia is frustrated about the men in her life and her overall dating situation.

Dan feels isolated when communication problems with his roommates arise.

The season featured seven people who lived in a house on Rivo Alto Island and was the first season filmed in the United States outside of New York and California.

Production for the season started from February to July 1996.

This is the first of two seasons filmed in Florida.

Ten years later, the show set its seventeenth season, The Real World: Key West returning to the state in the Key Haven neighborhood of Key West.

In Miami, he begins a modeling career with Irene Marie Models.

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