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Getting married in Regina also reflects the movie and the character Aviva plays, she said.

"[I'm] experiencing Regina — a small town where people really, really want to help you," she said. The couple set their plan in motion three weeks ago.

Their non-traditional approach to a wedding ceremony was warmly received by their families, many of whom simply said "finally" when they learned the two had set a date. "Once she got the basics done, she got extremely excited." Dunne's family was also ready to roll.

And then we're going to jump up on the stage and do our own wedding for real," Dunne said Thursday about the transformation from making a movie to actually getting married. Dunne is starring in the film, which he co-wrote and is directing, and Aviva is one of the cast members.

"In our business it's really hard to plan for a wedding," Dunne said, noting that work and travel has kept them together but busy.

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"We just were never able to get around to planning our wedding." Their current project included a wedding scene and that inspired them to "just do it" in Regina.

"A lot of our friends are in the movie, so a lot of people are already going to be here," Dunne added.

Aviva said they have worked together before on movies in Regina and to get married on a film stage will have special meaning for them.

"We love what we do and we've really grown fond of Regina," she said.

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