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She answered my queries, and assured me that if I supplied the correct information, I could sign up for the insurance plan that best fit my family’s needs.

I supplied the data, letting her know that while I wasn’t earning much now, I expected to have a full-time paid position in the near future.

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She said to just let them know about any changes in my work status.

After feeding all of the information into whatever program she needed to, she came back on the line and told me I qualified for Medicaid.

I had some questions I didn’t expect a computer program to be able to answer.

After waiting more than an hour, a woman’s pleasant voice came on the line.

I will continue to make that point as loud and as long as I need to, until the working poor are not treated like second-class citizens. Well, I’m working quite hard at that, but the results haven’t materialized yet.

Meanwhile, I will continue trying to make our community news website a success while taking every paying freelance assignment I can get my hands on.

I’ve done so for two primary reasons: It’s paid 100 percent with federal funds for the first three years, and it is gradually reduced to 90 percent until 2020.

And, for the working poor people who would benefit from health care coverage, it could be a life-saver.

Obviously, my current situation has only deepened my belief that Gov.

Matt Mead and the Republican-controlled Legislature have made a devastatingly harmful mistake by not expanding the program.“The governor and GOP state lawmakers who decided to join the unsuccessful lawsuit against the feds on the ACA’s constitutionality made it clear they are fully willing to sacrifice Wyoming residents who need help…”It’s been obvious from the beginning of this conflict that the state’s argument the federal money could disappear is bogus.

My repaired heart sank a little, and I again waited for her to come back with a plan for myself and my wife.

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