Real hermaphrodites

Should anyone manage to grab hold of the body or manage to puncture the skin, heavy layers of blubber and muscle protected the vital organs from harm.

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Once inside, they began to feed on milk and remained there for the next fifty standard years.

Upon emergence, they weighed 70 kilograms and measured a meter from head to tail where they had the intellectual level of a ten-year-old Human.

Jabba the Hutt was the most notable example of this.

Another was Vogga the Hutt, an entrepreneur who had resided on Nar Shaddaa in the years following the Jedi Civil War.

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with short arms, wide cavernous mouths and huge eyes, who controlled a large space empire in Hutt Space.

Other examples included Borvo, Dreddon, Soergg, Golga, Popara, Nem'ro, and Ziro.

When Hutts were born, they weighed less than 100 grams and after birth they lived life as tiny blind creatures that clawed their ways instinctively towards the brood pouch.

Whilst this was the case, Hutts were not known for their mobility, and required smooth surfaces to navigate their environment; things such as carpets or upholstery served as obstacles to the layer of slime generated by their bodies when moving.

Their slimy hides were typically hairless, though an exceptionally small percentage were known to grow both locks and beards due to the presence of a recessive genetic trait.

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