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This is because I need to remove one of the providers that are populated in the custom control on the server.I have to remove the Libraries provider, because it uses binary data. = "Libraries") The custom control: Here I inherited from the Simple Control class and overrode the Layout Template Path.The method delegates to the Update method of the Object Data Source View that is associated with the Object Data Source control.

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You can handle the Updating event to examine the values of the parameters and to perform any preprocessing before an operation completes, the On Updated method is called to raise the Updated event.

You can handle the Updated event to examine any return values, output parameters, and exceptions, and to perform any post-processing.

The following code example demonstrates how to use a Drop Down List control, Text Box controls, and several Object Data Source controls to update data.

The Drop Down List displays the name of a Northwind employee, while the Text Box controls are used to enter and update address information.

I have enabled Allow Automatic Updates and Enable View State, implemented Need Data Source, set Datakey Names, etc.

(see code below) However, when I press the Edit button and make a change and press the Update link, the record does not update and leave Edit Mode....just stays in edit mode, and no error of any kind occurs. is the process of taking data or information that is expensive to obtain and storing a copy of it in a location that is quicker to access.For data-driven applications, large and complex queries commonly consume the majority of the application s execution time. An entire web page or User Control s rendered markup can be cached through provides a rich caching API that enables page developers to programmatically cache objects.Because the This example has a text box that accepts user input, which is a potential security threat. NET Web pages validate that user input does not include script or HTML elements. For more information, see Script Exploits Overview. In Place End With End If End Sub Private Sub grid_Need Data Source(By Val source As Object, By Val e As Telerik. Check out the demos for that approach here: that helps!

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