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More In 2005 Flemming Oppfeldt, a Member of Parliament from the leading liberalistic party Venstre, was convicted for soliciting sex with underage boys on the internet, and anal intercourse with a 13 year old boy whom he had seduced via the internet.

Allegedly Oppfeldt also offered and actually paid money for the services of the young boys.

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He used his status as a well known politician to seduce his victims and used computers at his place of work; the Danish Parliament to indulge in sex chat and to establish contacts.

He was let off with a slap on the wrist; a suspended sentence of 4 month in prison. Parliament decides to lift Oppfeldts parliamentary immunity. May 2005: Police presses charges for 7 seperate incidents.

Nasrudin is of the belief that music concerts promote a sinful lifestyle and that male and female concert-goers mingling too freely, is one of the chief contributing factors behind depraved activities all across the country.

I don’t know when Nasrudin last attended a concert in Malaysia, but let me tell you, from personal experience, after sitting for hours in a traffic jam in order to get to the stadium on time and then spending a few more hours trying to find a parking spot within the same postcode as the stadium, the last thing on one’s mind is randy behaviour.

So there can be a problem admittedly, but he has been the same person all the way through,' spokes person for LGTB, Vivi Jelstrup said to TV2 Lorry.

Axel Axgil who died in 2011, at the age of 96 was the first homosexual ever to get officially 'married' to another 'man'.How Nasruddin connects the dots between music concerts and pregnancies out-of-wedlock, along with baby dumping, is really quite a mystery.People moving to a beat, singing along with a performer on the stage and having a friendly chat with others who may happen to possess a different set of genitalia to them, are not generally precursors to immoral conduct.The sinister truth about the 'homosexual activist' was uncovered in a book named 'Axel Axgil - The Fight for Love' by Bjarne Hendrik Lundis, himself a homosexual activist - and apologist for Axgil.Axel Axgil was convicted to a year in prison in the 1950's for having sex with children below the age of consent, which in Denmark currently is 15 years.What is more; he didn't bow his head in shame, but tried to defend his actions and took part in elections again in 2009. Shortly after is arrested after a complaint from the 13 year old victims mother, charged with having had anal and oral sex with the 13 year old in september 1004. Amongst others for having had sex with a 13 year old, and a 14 year old, the latter going back to 1998.

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