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Perhaps the caveman didn’t know any of this, but here’s the thing: I do not recall that he has ever bothered to check any of his “facts” with me (though, if he had, I wouldn’t have known because he lurks behind a pseudonym and, even though I am told he has revealed his identity I have no time to keep track of the pseudonyms of people who lack the courage and decency to publish under their own names). Pinker found that a loss of cloud cover had caused recent warming. Pinker’s paper, and from several others, that cloud cover does not remain constant, but waxes and wanes broadly in step with the cooling and warming phases respectively of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Pinker’s paper in any way: I merely used it as a source for my own calculations, which I presented at the annual seminar on planetary emergencies of the World Federation of Scientists in 2010, where they were well received.

Less cloud cover, particularly in the tropics, naturally warms the Earth: the point is surely uncontroversial.

Since that particular talk of mine the Arctic sea ice has declined again and came close to its 2007 low in 2011.

But it is arguable from the descriptions of melting Arctic ice in 1922 that there may have been less sea ice in the Arctic then than now.

In fact, he knew this to be so, because the slide I was showing at that point in his video, taken from the University of Illinois’ Cryosphere monitoring program, shows it.

Of course, the slide was only in the background of his video and was shown only for a few seconds.

For most of that long period, global temperatures were about 7 Celsius degrees warmer than the present: yet CO2 concentration has inexorably declined throughout the period.

“Monckton says a pre-Cambrian ice-planet shows CO2 has no effect on climate.“Monckton says there has been no correlation between temperature and CO2 for the past 500 million years.There has.” Well, there has in the past few thousand years, but the correlation since the Cambrian era has been spectacularly poor, as the slide (from a peer-reviewed paper) that the caveman fleetingly shows me using at that point demonstrates very clearly.Two possibilities: not as much ice has melted as we are being told, or its melting has had far less impact on sea level than we are being invited to believe.“Monckton says there’s no systematic loss of sea-ice in the Arctic.The guy couldn’t even get his elementary arithmetic right – not that the caveman mentions that fact, of course.


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