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If the woman is very shy, this alone could be a good sign, but for most women you’ll want to amp up the charisma and try again in a few minutes.

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So how do you construct a physical but private ‘test’ for attraction? In fact, there is a very rich ‘language’ of hand holding, and if your not extremely fluent in that language then you are definitely missing out on several physical and private ‘conversations’ that women would like to have with you.

To do this best you should look at physical touch as a natural part of normal communication.

Funny thing, though, when I talk to the girls they will often say "He seemed like a cool guy, why did he leave? So to test for it reliably you have to test her physical reaction to you.

" Often I’ll even bring the same guy back into the conversation and watch him collect a number from one of those same girls that supposedly wasn’t interested! You don’t test it with speech, or logic, but with touch (this can be very subtle, by the way - more on that later...) Second of all, it’s PRIVATE.

When I first go to touch a woman’s hand I immediately try to initiate this kind of touch to see if she is receptive to it.

If you are comfortable with the idea of touching women, you may be surprised at how often you get this instant reaction from women you just met!

She probably thought you were ‘cute’ (which has almost nothing to do with your physical features, by the way) and wondered why you weren’t moving things forward or asking her out.

Because you failed to read her subtle signals, you mistakenly felt like ‘It wasn’t going anywhere’ and just walked away.

If you do something she likes, she might squeeze your hand to let you know.


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