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These series represent the decay chain products of long-lived primordial U-238, U-235, and Th-232, respectively.However, each of them also occurs, to some extent, as primordial isotopes that were made in supernovae, rather than radiogenically as daughter products.Pb is entirely primordial, and is thus useful for estimating the fraction of the other lead isotopes in a given sample that are also primordial (since the relative fractions of the various primordial lead isotopes is constant everywhere).

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Postgraduate students registered for a degree course within a UK university which does not house a luminescence laboratory may be eligible to apply for an award through a joint scheme set up with the Quaternary Research Association (

Likewise, projects central to the Laboratory's research interests may be carried out at a reduced charge.

More detailed expert reporting according to specific client needs can be undertaken following prior agreement with the laboratory.

Such consultancy work which will be charged on the basis of a daily rate of £500 VAT.

The lab houses three models of Agilent mass spectrometers: 7500a, 7500cs, and 7700.

These instruments provide excellent performance for laser ablation (dry plasma) applications.

The particular advantage of luminescence dating is that the method provides a date for the archaeological artefact or deposit itself, rather than for organic material in assumed association.

In the case of OSL sediment dating, suitable material (sand or silt-sized grains of quartz and feldspar) is usually available ubiquitously throughout the site.

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The laboratory provides access to LA-ICPMS analysis to CODES staff and student, academic collaborators within UTAS and other institutions, and industry.


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