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Meanwhile, Julius (Terry Crews) panics when he finds out the redemption center for his precious trading stamps is closing its doors, and Drew (Tequan Richmond) feels neglected by Rochelle, who doesn’t have much time for him lately.

Unfortunately, Julius gets fired for terrorizing the kids when they make the mistake of asking for expensive gifts, and Chris lands in the hospital where he meets a mysterious man named Kris (guest star Richard Lewis).

For a classroom lesson on parenting skills, Chris (Tyler James Williams) and Greg (Vincent Martella) are each assigned an egg to care for as if it were their own child, but the task proves quite challenging, especially after Chris’ mom (Tichina Arnold) decides to show him what it really means to be a parent.

Unfortunately, his newfound power as hall monitor goes right to his head, even threatening his friendship with Greg.

Tonya (Imani Hakim) discovers that her girlfriends are only hanging out with her to get closer to Drew (Tequan Richmond).

Rochelle (Tichina Arnold) decides to host a neighborhood watch meeting after Julius' (Terry Crews) truck is stolen, but her good intentions quickly turn competitive when her new neighbor, Louise (Whoopi Goldberg), thinks she'd make a better block captain than Rochelle.

Meanwhile, Chris (Tyler James Williams) sets out to break his streak of bad luck with the ladies by asking out a new girl in the neighborhood, Yvette (guest star Cherelle Noyd).However, when an election poll reveals that Chris has no chance of winning without someone more popular on the ticket, Chris drops Greg like a hot potato, igniting a rivalry between the two best friends.Meanwhile, Rochelle (Tichina Arnold) takes it personally when Julius (Terry Crews) is diagnosed with high blood pressure, so she decides to take drastic measures to reduce his stress.Moved from the projects to the tough "Bed-Stuy" neighborhood of Brooklyn, Chris is still stuck in his older-brother role.As the family's "emergency adult," he's responsible for taking care of Drew, his taller, more assured brother, and Tonya, the baby of the family, when his parents are working.After Julius (Terry Crews) lends Chris (Tyler James Williams) a pair of lucky socks, Chris begins to notice that he can do no wrong.


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