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We asked moms on our Facebook page to share the prettiest girls' names they've ever heard, and their ideas absolutely poured in.

Here we've rounded up some favorites, from pretty middle names for girls to names that start or end with particular letters. Encompassing from everything from flowers and herbs to gemstones and seasons, the natural world is a huge source of inspiration for pretty girl names.

Our amber products are sourced from the Baltic regions and they are to be worn for aesthetic purposes only.

Our jewellery designs are unique to Love Amber X and are handmade to the highest quality.

It is not intended for and neither should it be taken as professional medical advice nor a substitute for any professional medical service.

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I really felt like I brought a lot of awareness to it because now rappers are apologizing for calling girls hoes.

So, I think it’s just really cool.” This year’s third annual Amber Rose Slut Walk is set to take place Sept.

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Disclaimer: The crystal healing information is provided as guidance only.

The 31-year-old actress showed off her newly dyed pink hair while rocking a leather jacket for lunch with her friend.


  1. There’s no greater high, even with sex or drugs, because you’ve helped two people come together.

  2. It was a beautiful experience and I'm so proud of that time.

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