who is justin long dating 2016 - Online slave find master chatroom

Some are players, losers, predators or just plain clueless.Regardless of what they are or aren't though, that doesn't give a slave license to step out of line unless said slave is in actual physical danger of some kind.

If they order you to show yourself on cam, it is not.) • No bickering! If you have an issue with someone and cannot remain civil, take it elsewhere.

• Slaves are permitted to publicly disagree with the free, but must always remember their place when doing so. Being polite when a free person is being abusive or rude We all know that this is Earth and not all who claim to be Gorean behave in ways generally associated with Gorean precepts.

- Offer your owner's contact information (for an email address @chat.

Gorean that will forward to your regular email address, so you can keep your private info private click here.

Since this is a chat room, there is no way a slave is ever going to be in danger of anything but a bruised ego, which is good for slaves on occasion, so there is no cause for a slave to be impolite here.. Some pointers for maintaining your proper place when dealing with a difficult situation: - Always continue to address them properly. - Apologize and beg forgiveness *even if you are not in the wrong* ...

Remember - you are apologizing for being displeasing, not for doing whatever it is you are accused of!

You need not be Gorean to visit, as long as you are respectful of our values.

Those claiming to be Gorean slaves be expected to behave accordingly.

) Suggested response: "This girl is sorry Master, but her owner forbids (whatever), so she is unable to comply with your command.

Please contact her master at (IM or email) if you wish to discuss this matter with him.

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