mtv dating shows 2016 - Online dating for people with depression

You know the jokes they have about online dating site profile ?

you know the ones that say when someone says they are a few pounds overweight= 100 overand when they say sensual= pervert..I found all that to be true and a great degree of misrepresentation.

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I must admit that I have not yet had a rendezvous from an online dating site and that is why I do not want to fall in this trap of uncertainty.i like the chicken and egg analogy,maybe people with a depression, or other personality traits such as obsessiveness or compulsion tend to veer toward online dating,and set themselves up for the more extreme depression that follows.surely,although we like to pretend that rejection makes us stronger,in reality it breaks the spirit?

for this reason alone,as an earlier person mentioned,never rely solely on online dating for interaction with the opposite sexthanksjohnare we all forgetting that this whole online dating thing is supposed to be fun.depressing!!!! .i was a woman.find it more safer than chattin up a bloke in a bar or club and god knows!!

Anyway - - I got wrapped up in this online stuff when I was at the lowest point of lows in my life (severely depressed), and, for a short time it actually helped distract me from some of the depression.

But, for the long term, it probably prolonged the depression because it continued to give me an outlet to avoid "real life" issues.

I'm not in college anymore and the workplace has more and more become a unwelcome place for romantic development. - on line matching sites, personal ads, Church, Singles Groups and one I like is Volunteering. It is so similar to WINDOW SHOPPING for example, without actually being able to touch, feel, smell, taste or use any of your other senses to interact socially and get feedback which would then allow one to make a decision on the spot.

Instead, online dating can go on for months and two people can communicate via email, messages, chat or telephone...finally when they meet in person, realize that they are not attracted to each other in person......can be "depressing".There was no online dating 20 years ago, so a lot of people on this site wouldn't have dated for 20 years if their first date was online. It's like trying to make money being a mechanic, when you've been a salesman your whole life. Life is what we make of it - eventually we reach a point where we realize we can't change the world, but we can change how we perceive the world thus making it a better place to live.Also, my first date did not have an instant attraction. Finding someone online is no different than finding someone anywhere else in life - the odds of connecting are rare and thus when we do find a connection it is worth the effort to try and make a real go of it.I really believe it can if it is an only source of meeting people.As one poster mentioned, if there is large amounts of rejections, that could damage a person's ego and realy crush them long term.Sorry, probably too philosophical - I just can't waste my time feeling down when there is so much life to be lived each day. The biggest problem in dating especially at an age past 45 is just coming in contact with women. In that time I have received a handful of unsolicited messages. This is the frustrating part of trying to express one self by using bits and bytes.


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