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Of course, we also have a number of Zimbabwean expats in South Africa among our members, coming from various regions all over Zimbabwe - from Kariba, over Harare to Bulawayo.

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This is one more area Zimbabwe can learn from Kenya.

Mixing things up, especially along racial lines, might be a difficult thing to pull off but it will be worth the shot.

Zimbabwean social media, except a little bit on Twitter, hardly reflects the country’s diversity to the fullest.

The innovator who will finally create the dating app that takes off in Zimbabwe will cater to, and attract, people from all cultural backgrounds. That is simply how Zimbabweans are browsing the web.

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37 - Bulawayo, Bulawayo Single by choice, just not my choice!Again, this makes it even harder because a dating site that carries full functionality depends on the visual presentation of members’ profiles – pictures are especially important – and this is harder to incorporate in mobile.However, if Facebook and other major social networking sites are pulling it off, so can a dating app!This should be primary focus group, for the simple reasons that internet use, social media use, and other aspects of digital occur as more “natural” to people in this group. In Zimbabwe, with its booming population of college students, there are no prizes for guessing the demographic where “all the money” is lying. Just take our network of Zimbabweans in Cape Town, for example.


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