only lunch dating review - O kay bilis ng iyong pagdating

Like he’s being polite because he feels bad for being rude. The moment the bell rings, they’ve already exchanged phone numbers and Gregorio was already walking away to where his class is supposed to line up, waving to Eduardo who is sat back on the bench with a faux-smitten smile on his face.

When Gregorio turns away, Eduardo heaves a large sigh.

o kay bilis ng iyong pagdating-61o kay bilis ng iyong pagdating-60o kay bilis ng iyong pagdating-78

Sintunado ka, mali-mali pa lyrics mo kahit nakasulat na.

"o kay bilis ng iyong pagdating / pag-alis mo'y sadyang kay bilis din / ang pagsinta mo na sadyang kay sarap / sa isang iglap lang nawala ring lahat." ~imelda papin, isang linggong pag-ibig (eduardo rusca is dared to be the next weekly conquest of playboy extraordinaire gregorio del pilar.) ang kinasasabikan ng lahat!! also i wrote this during the isdead fight time and i wanted this to be my final fic before i left the fandom kaya sobrang haba but fuk dat im staying lol. Joven eyes Eduardo, wordlessly asking him what’s with Jose. It’s six-thirty, literally one hour before his first class of the day, but he’s already dressed in his uniform, out the door and into the street looking around for a tricycle that would drive him to the jeepney terminal.

The group starts to walk collectively out of school.“Wala lang,” he states, “naghiwalay lang si Gregorio at si Andear.”Joven tilts his head, “ay,” he says, “pitong araw na pala? Hindi naman ‘yan mahirap intindihin.”Joven bites his lip, “um...” “Oh, ano? ” “Kasi torpe ka,” Eduardo declares, and Jose pouts. ” Jose pushes Eduardo playfully, and Joven laughs airily. When he gets inside his school, he spots the narra tree with its bench around it, chipping blue paint making it look cold.

” Eduardo demands a bit too harshly from him.“Si ate ko kasi,” Joven starts, “sabi niya na may kaibigan daw siya galing CAT na naging girlfriend ni Gregorio, kahit pitong araw lang daw ang relationship nila, todo effort daw si Gregorio.” “Hm? It’s always something they fight about – Jose’s beauty mark. Once they’ve all calmed down and left the school gates, Paco’s hand softly sneaking down to lace his fingers around Joven’s, Paco mumbles, “sino kaya ang masusunod, no? But it seems to give off a false sense of privacy – it’s alluring.

He turns his body around to face Gregorio, not realising that there is a pebble on the ground.

He steps on the pebble, and he almost falls back when Gregorio catches him by the waist, mid-mini scream. ” Gregorio asks in a low voice, and Eduardo’s cheeks are on fire.

Inampon siya ni Aguinaldo noong bagong silang siya sa isang pampublikong paanakan sa kasuluk-sulukan ng Kawit sa Cavite, mula sa ina niyang namatay habang nanganganak.

Walang may alam sa mga kamag-anak niya, at walang may alam sa pamilya ng ina niya, maliban sa apelyido nito.

Di akalaing sabihin mong ako na ‘yon, ang hinahanap mo.

Sa di inaasahang panahon, at ngayon ako’y iyong iniwan.

He’s quitting he’s quitting he’s quitting—“Ah, oo,” Eduardo responds in a voice completely different from his own.

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