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reports, almost 90 percent of all Windows Phones are part of the Nokia Lumia family of devices.

When Apple unveiled the i Phone in 2007, with desktop-class software capabilities and multi-touch controls, Microsoft was nowhere near competitive.

Microsoft announced its first iteration of the Windows Phone at the Mobile World Congress trade show in 2010, when Android was already taking off.

That all said, be sure to let us know how you get on, should you try these tools in different regions.

Reports of Microsoft’s smartphone demise have been ... Last week, the company announced it was ending support for Windows Phone 8.1, the latest in a series of moves marking the end of the Windows Phone.

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The download links for Mobile Repairing Course 1.0.4 are provided to you by soft112without any warranties, representations or guarantees of any kind, so download it at your own risk.Apple’s i OS i Phone has a smaller market share, though its phones are much more expensive and thus take an outsized chunk of revenue.It’s worth noting that Microsoft wasn’t late to the smartphone market.The following year, as market share slid, Microsoft acquired Nokia for .2 billion in a last-ditch effort to save Microsoft’s smartphone business with an integrated hardware-software business model like Apple’s.But it was too late, as were all Windows Phone advances.In the past six years, operating systems like Black Berry and Symbian have also gone under as smartphones ceded ground to Apple and Google.


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