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Roxanne and Bill Wilson have financed and maintained the KV-63 website since 2006 and will continue to do so into the future.

We are honored to perpetuate this historical event and record of the KV-63 discovery and the efforts made by many dedicated individuals.

Thank you Elise for the wonderful photo and your kind permission to use it on the website!

/rw As mentioned in my 7 February update we discovered a very unique wooden bed inside Jar #13.

Some glass is used on the face mask and some border columns (a few still , we can only speculate as to the specific nature of her position and duties.

As a royal nurse, there are many potential candidates among the Amarna family and their inner circle of confidants.

On that same morning, the wooden bed was moved to the Mummification Museum for impending display.

The following day, March 24th, KV-10 and KV-63 were locked and sealed, signaling the end of the season.

The final weeks of the season were partially devoted to selecting and packing crates for shipment to the SCA magazine (storage building) near Howard Carters House.

Five boxes of materials were delivered to the magazine on March 23rd.

It was crated and delivered to the museum on March 23rd.

The museum director, Mohammed Yakia Ewada has already put the bed on public display.

Coffin E is very similar to some coffins from the Amenophis III era, whereas Coffin A shows signs which suggest the Akhenaton era. It may still be too premature to say for certain, but I anticipate in early 2010.


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