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A workshop is defined as a meeting of a limited number of persons, individually invited to address specific questions or problems for the purpose of reaching consensus on recommendations leading to an improved focus on research issues.The purpose of the Meetings and Planning grant program is to provide financial support for meetings that will enable the conduct of prospective research (i.e., randomized controlled trials or prospective cohort studies) that: Where possible and appropriate, involving patients and/or caregivers in planning meetings or activities is encouraged. Activities eligible for funding include, but are not limited to, the following examples: Note: this funding opportunity is not intended to support primary research such as pilot studies, surveys or analyses of existing observational data.Vision: Kidney health, and improved lives for all people affected by kidney disease.

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The following eligibility criteria apply to the KFOC-CANN-NET Meeting and Planning grant: A Nominated Principal Applicant or Principal Applicant may not hold more than one (1) Meeting Planning Grant per year from The Kidney Foundation, but may hold both a KFOC operating grant and a meeting grant.

The grant application may not exceed the amount of $15,000 CAN per year A maximum of 3 grants will be awarded.

Funding is for a one-year period from April 1 to March 30 of the following year.

The Kidney Foundation and CANN-NET reserve the right to determine a shorter duration of award regardless of the initial request.

The Kidney Foundation of Canada supports only direct costs of research.

The definition of indirect costs of research for the purposes of the policy is costs that cannot be directly associated with a particular research program or award, including but not limited to costs associated with the operation and maintenance of facilities (from laboratories to libraries); the management of the research process (from grant management to commercialization); and regulation and safety compliance (including human ethics, animal care and environmental assessment).The granting of an award is deemed to establish neither an employer-employee nor a partnership between the grantor and grantee.Providing your date of birth, language and gender on the application form or CV form is optional.The institution will prepare the financial accounting and returning outstanding funds to the KFOC. parental leave, sabbatical, must inform The Kidney Foundation.If they wish funding to continue, details on how the research will continue in their absence must be supplied.Applications RECEIVED AFTER THE DEADLINE will be considered late.


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