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This should get rid of any confusion on the part of Word as to how you want changes to the Normal template handled.

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The Attach Template dialog opens the Microsoft's Templates folder on your PC.

Select the template you want to attach and then click "Open." For example, open "Normal.dotm" to choose Word's normal blank document template.

The first time you start Word on a new installation, it creates a file.

This can generate that message, as well, when you close Word. Look under the Developer Tab and look under both Add-Ins buttons.

If, as I suspect, there are Add-Ins, disable any having to do with bluetooth. This deals with the "changes have been made" message.

The first message "already in use" may have to do with file permissions for the user templates folder.

Cindy sometimes doesn't get the prompt to save changes to when she closes Word, even though she has saved new Auto Text entries and the setting is selected to always prompt me to do so. It used to be (pre-Word 2007) that they were stored in your Normal template.

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