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And if it hadn’t been obvious before, by the morning of June 29 — when the president falsely accused Brzezinski of bleeding all over his Palm Beach country club while recovering from a face-lift — it was clear that Joe and Mika had become satellite antagonists in the ensemble cast of the Trump-administration soap opera, which plays out on TV, online, and in print each day.

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And those sources in the White House believe the shift in tone on reflects a combination of frustration at being shut out of Trump’s orbit and simple jealousy — Scarborough has always been thought to have presidential aspirations. “They lost access in month two, month one, of a White House where part of their stock-in-trade was ‘Donald this’ and ‘Donald that’ and ‘The president told me this’ and ‘People close to the president told me that.’ It became very obvious around here who they talked to every day, and it wasn’t the president.” Scarborough and Brzezinski said the White House is misrepresenting their motivations, though they didn’t rule out that Scarborough might be interested in running for president in the future.

“It was never mentioned, never discussed, and anyone who ever said it is a liar,” Scarborough said. I’m happy right where I am with Mika, music, and on which he sings of “speed” and “sex-shop toys” and existential terror, was released last month, in something of a media-fishbowl moment.

“We found out that Donald Trump was actually Melania Trump,” Scarborough said. Off the record,” she joked, “they were having so much sex I had to put them in separate pens.” Donald Fluffy Trump was renamed Melania, and Ducky was renamed Donald Fluffy Trump, but the tangle of furry confusion continued.

“The rabbit comes to my house, and my little, tiny black rabbit … “I still honestly think they go both ways,” Brzezinski said.

But that drama quickly became just subtext for viewers; recently, the biggest draw has been the drama of their relationship with the president, unraveling in real time (the show’s audience has grown 50 percent since last year).

In the deranged reality-television solar system that contains the press and the new presidency, Scarborough and Brzezinski deliver black comedy with a lot of plot.Scarborough’s girlfriend, Mika Brzezinski, had baked it from a boxed Duncan Hines mix and then, being the daughter of a sculptor, carved it up with a knife.The result was part Peter Cottontail, part Donnie Darko. ” He sighed as he told me this story earlier this month, his tiny eyes rolling back into his head at the memory.Jack suggested naming the actual animal Fluffy, but his 12-year-old sister, Kate, had another idea: name it after Donald Trump, who was then something of a family friend and, surprisingly, close to securing the Republican nomination.“Okay,” Scarborough said, “we’ll call it Donald Fluffy Trump.” In the end, the union of Donald Fluffy Trump and Joe Scarborough wouldn’t last.And, most offensive to the White House and its allies, he and Brzezinski have repeatedly questioned his soundness of mind.

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