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They already seem to want to cross that line with Black/White (Ferris wheel dates), X/Y (with Shauna), and the remakes of Ruby/Sapphire (with next-door neighbor rival), hinting at romantic feelings throughout the games.i always did wonder how team aqua didnt manage to absolutely crush team magma considering they have a 4x advantage against kinda embarassing when you think about like tying in a fight against a 5 year old you didnt actually lose but can you really say your not a loser? Steven had that moment when he got shown up by a kid with a pretty(hot too?? Man, and Wallace was about to set foot on that landmine! I'll leave my mark here, so the people from two years on the future will still remember this artist.

I can't believe he used Groudon on a Team Aqua Grunts Carvanha. Even I can't think how much joy I'll receive when this got updated after two [email protected]'s kind of expected, he needs to get settled back in at home before he can continue and a two year hiatus means it might take a bit of time for him to remember where he was going with the story.

I'm not giving up on this one, I'll wait 10 years if I have to BWAH HAHA...please don't take 10 years.

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There are newer versions of this gallery available:(Guberman) Dating a Team Magma Grunt (Pokemon) [English] (Ongoing) New Chapter 06, added 2015-01-18 (Guberman) Dating a Team Magma Grunt (Pokemon) [English] (Ongoing) NEW!!

People born after 1995 are much less interested in dating than the generation before them, a new book has revealed.

The first generation to spend their whole adolescence in the presence of smart phones, known as i Gen, is replacing social interaction with social media. The research was carried out by Professor Jean Twenge, from San Diego State University.

Sociology experts class those born in or before 1945 as the Silent Generation. Professor Jean Twenge found that the effect of this is phenomenon is that the dating scene is dwindling.

More than half (56 per cent) of 14 to 18-year-olds went out on dates in 2015 but in comparison, for Generation X and Baby Boomers, it was around 85 per cent (stock image)Those born between 19 are Generation X. A study published last year said that i Gen, also known as Generation Z, are the most conservative since the Second World War.

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  3. But, consider the stats: An estimated 44% of Americans are single, meaning that 66% are in a relationship of some kind.

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