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Their trick worked, preventing further damage and correcting the problem.

It was able to return to its parents' nest on May 5, and has recently been seen walking around the nest.

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A web developer who specializes in online security has put up a website that streams tens of thousands of home and corporate security cameras live to the web.

He says it’s to point out the security flaw so many so-called security devices present to their users.

"yo yo yo yo yo what it is mthfr hey pacman whats up me you bihes im high on crack want a freebase no pacman drugs are bad nope cant help you mate pusays ___smokes___ wooaah holy shrt" from 152.026.035(unresolvable) wrote at 2017/11/08 Yea, we had a couple inches of snow today ...

but even with temperatures below freezing, it's going away quickly - should be all gone tomorrow when it is sunny and 50. the perfect length and girth, plenty to make me grow too, if yano what i mean...

Earlier in the day, I volunteered at my son's High School at the cookie store - nice footware, 'eh?!? This basically "chews" up the grass/ground, bringing the dead organic material to the surface so I can rake or mow/bag it for removal ... ;-)While grass is the highlight of WGG, there are also some weeds as seen in post #13,651.

;-)Thanks for all the nice comments about WGG - LOL that #100 out of best 10 websites. The first picture below is I just pulled from the West side of the backyard ... The 2nd picture is in the window cell next to the BBQ - something about that area produces a humongous weed almost every year - I'm letting that one continue to grow!

On a Mac: use Safari, and install the Flip4Mac WMV plugin for Quick Time.

Functional and fascinating, the UB Solar Strand fuses art, practicality and public access in a way unlike any other solar installation around the world.

Here's a comparison from this morning and six hours later. ;-)Had about 50 trick-or-treaters this year, but some really good costumes. ___) shout out to theme park world wide, best youtube channel since green grass...

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