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It's aimed at small business owners, but really works for anyone who feels overwhelmed or maybe just doesn't want to book their own travel (really, who does? You can assign tasks through the app, text, email, or phone calls, but there's one catch -- tasks have to be able to be completed remotely.

The most basic plan gives you 5 requests a month for , while the premier plan gives you 50 requests for 0.

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But thanks to its app and VC backing, the service feels like it belongs in Silicon Valley (even though it's based in Montreal).

Luxury Retreats has a wide selection of beach villas, mansions, and countryside estates.

Booking a Bounce ride starts at $895, but it's advertised to get you to the airport in as few as 20 minutes (that sure beats the subway).

Did you book that private jet/helicopter trip but have nowhere to stay? Although the company has been called the Air Bn B for mansions, Luxury Retreats came first, dating back as far back as 1999.

The price of chartering your own private jet will vary by flight.

The app operates a few ways: Flying in a private jet can be boring too; wouldn't you prefer to be suspended in air with a loud propeller above your head?

Blade offers to do just that with its on-demand helicopter service.

Browse the destination on the Blade app, or if you don't see where you want to go request a custom trip to fit your itinerary. That's why Blade has Blade One, an alternative service that gets you a seat on one of its private jets. Bounce will fly you via helicopter from a pickup location to one of the select airports in the New York area (such as JFK, LGA, or EWR) so you can get to your commercial or private flight on time.

But these are downright pedestrian compared to a whole slew of Uberlike services for the luxury market that help you book things like your own personal butler or private jet. Alfreds can run errands, go grocery shopping, get your house or clothing cleaned, and more.


  1. Additionally, Microsoft wanted Windows 10’s design to be consistent across Windows 10 phones and Surface tablets.

  2. It was released in the US and Canada on May 21, 2010.

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